Birthday Booze Cruise

This past weekend was a lovely little reunion with my college gals :) We celebrated Catie's 24th birthday by purchasing booze cruise tickets for a little trip up & down the Chicago River. It was a chilly evening, but super fun! We had a great view of Navy Pier, and ended the evening with fireworks, before heading out to a Chicago bar to karaoke the night away!
Some pictures from our reunion & birthday celebration weekend:
{Jeni's vending machine is the only compensation I want for a delayed flight}
{stolen from Sam's instagram}

{a gorgeous chicago sunset}

{stolen from Alyssa's instragram}

{beautiful chi-town skyline}

{stolen from Catie's instagram}

{stolen from Margaret's instagram}
I love that my friends make such a point to try to get together each year on separate occasions for everyone's birthday. I know it means a lot to me, and I wish I could see them twice as much!

I have to add a note to myself (& anyone willing to listen) don't fly American Eagle. So many absurd delays and there was zero communication about it! I had to reference the departures board for 3 different delays and 2 gate changes... with both my flight there and back!! Sheesh.


Hope you all had joyous holidays and a happy first week of 2013! Let me tell you; 2013 is going to be a great year folks! I have some big plans for this year. Lots of travels and hopefully lots of changes! 

The holidays, as usual, were filled with lots of family & friends. Cleveland for Christmas and Chicago for NYE! Thankfully the construction on our kitchen re-model was complete in-time for Christmas Eve dinner!!

Here are some highlights :

{ my brother and i : Christmas Eve }

{ after dinner chit-chat with the fam }

{ dad & brother sleeping off dinner... not sure why they thought this was cozy! }

{ i love this little girl }

{ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame visit with family }

{ Pocketbooth iPhone App-fun with Meg }

{ puppy-dog getting cozy }

{ check out that snow-dino kids }

{ cousins & brother with our giant snowman, it was a busy day }

{ my dayton friends in chi-town }

{ NYE with my roommates... tradition 4 years strong }

{ NYE: Courtney and i }

Some of my resolutions include; 
1. Understanding more of what I am putting into my body. This means: Splurging on the organic stuff, ridding my freezer of the frozen junk, & drinking more tea ( no I cannot abandon my love of coffee. not a chance – lent was hard enough! )
2. Less couch time, aka watching TV, more reading!
3. Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio!!! Which then brings job searching... in Cali :)
4. Create a web-presence for myself
5. Start selling on Etsy
6. Stay positive!

Etsy Love

In Chicago this weekend, I got to go to the Etsy One Of A Kind show on sunday before our long drive home! It was fantastic. I went mostly to see my coworker in the show; she's got her stuff on : {}. It's so wonderful!

Speaking of Etsy... What unique christmas presents! Necklace for mom, iPhone case for brother, leather wallet for dad? It's all there! And for me? Umm... any of it!!

Here's what I'm currently loving :)

Windy City Love

I just adore Chicago and all of its charm! This past weekend, Sarah and I visited our college roommate who recently moved to the city, for Sarah's birthday weekend - mine was the weekend before and every year since sophomore year we have celebrated them together. Now, being in different cities (for now - she is soon moving back to Columbus- YAY), it is hard to round up all 7 of my roommates to get together for each birthday celebration. This weekend Margaret, Alyssa, and Sara Lyn were around to celebrate - but we are soon venturing back  to Chicago for T-Box and Sam will join us then!

Twelve bars of X-mas.... a bar crawl with Christmas costumes. 
YUP. You guessed it; totally my kinda thing!

Windy City Surprise

This past weekend I decided to surprise my roommates, Sam and Margaret, for their birthday celebration! Catie & Alyssa were already headed there, but because of previous plans, I wasn't able to go until the very last minute! So I got myself to Cincinnati Friday evening and we trucked it up to Chicago. We got in fairly late, but I didn't let that wouldn't get in the way of my excitement (you see I have this thing for surprises... I'm quite hard to surprise myself, but I love being a part of them)! Catie and Alyssa went ahead of me, said their hellos and then I leaped up the stairs, nearly shaky with anticipation and hollered... actually, Sara got a video of it... it goes a little something like this...

{sorry for the sideways video stuff... couldn't fix it!}

{Friday night after we settled in - we went out downtown to see friends}

{I took full advantage of the fact that my friend Freddie uses his moped to get around}

{Dri, Sara, Me, Sam, Alyssa, Marge, // Abby, Fred, Catie}

{Saturday we perused the city and the lovely patios it has to offer}

{Oh yeah, we stopped at a new bar & signed their very first dollar - hope to see it framed one day}

{Out again - drink specials @Duffy's for Sam & Margaret's 23rd}

 Oh how I love my friends! I can hardly believe I almost missed out on this little reunoin! Each time I see them all, I'm reminded of what amazing people and good friends they are. I've come to discover that there's a special bond you make with your college roommates/friends, something unlike any other friendships I have made or will make... it's something to treasure!


NYE Extravaganza

New Year's Eve this year was basically a reunion with a hundred of my closest friends from college. Haha, but really! Many of my friends met up in Chicago this year for NYE weekend. I had so SO much fun and I genuinely wish I could see everyone once a month! Oh these real world problems...

Here's a recap of our windy-city weekend :)

Kelsey & I

College Roommates (plus 2 friends)

25 Degrees

Alyssa, Chris, & I

Me, Kelsey, & Laura

Margaret & I

Amanda & Adam

Yes, my goofy roommates with their goofy glasses at the bar crawl that turned into everyone staying at one bar the entire day and well into the night! It might have been even more fun than NYE itself!!! We danced A TON!

Ran into a grade-school friend out and about in chicago!

Just a lovely weekend in general!! I got to see a ton of my wonderful friends from college in one of my very favorite cities!!!

Hope you all could spend NYE with friends or loved ones!