Oh. My. Wine-Design!

I would love to design wine labels. When I go to buy wine, I'm not thinking about the year, the location, the type of grape in-season, and what-not... I am analyzing the labels. Do I like the organic lines in that one, or the geometric nature of this one... but then again I'm always a sucker for texture! I buy based on what I'm liking that day. Weird? Psh. I think not! I bet some of you do this without even realizing it!

Take a look at some that I am really in-love with right now...
{found at TheCoolist }

{see that beautiful scorpion bottle there, I need to try that one}

What if everything was digital...

I came across this innovative company called PUSH, in California. The name is a great fit because they really push the boundaries of aligning fresh design and interactive technology. The project I found most fun & creative was their Toyota Pruis marketing.

It only got me thinking about how close marketing is to becoming a full on digital experience. I visited Easton to check out their newly re-opened and updated Victoria's Secret store as well as Express. At Victoria's Secret, the windows are screens that display images and type and same with some in-store beauty marketing. Thus replacing the printed windows and sticker-like transflexes they used to have. Express now has TVs outside of the store that continually play the most recent fashion show, and inside, there are ipads that allow you to interact with some of the product and watch other fashion displays. It's exciting and scary at the same time for some one like me who loves print design and works with it daily! Obviously it would be a slow process if digital were to replace printed marketing all together, and most still enjoy a well designed and eye-catching direct mail piece, but what if everything does go digital....

I would certainly be out of a job, or I would need to brush-up on my web skills... yikes! 

Fancy Friends #3

Let me tell you something... I have some really awesome friends! Yes, yes, let me brag a bit cause they're really great, I swear it! You may remember, last year I blogged about a couple of my "fancy friends" in different posts, but recall my two friends who made a cookbook together in "fancy friends #2"? Well the designer from that endeavor has started a little something I'd like to brag about cause it's super neat!

Meet Adam:

But they start out like this:

The next step kind of look like this:

And then they turn out a little something like this:

I think it might be a little more interesting and informative from his perspective so I asked him to tell us about his process: "I start every piece the same: I roughen up the wood, paint it, stain it, paint it, then stain it again. I've discovered a unique painting technique that enables me to achieve the 'vintage look' that I've been embracing. I then work with the purchaser to design exactly what they're looking for; whether that's colors, city information, or a completely custom design." 
"I print the design and match it to a piece of 'vintage wood' that I think will work best. Next, I do a matte medium transfer of the print to the wood, and once that's finished I seal it. Then I draw on it, or use marker, or I paint it, or spray paint, and I sometimes use stencils. I then add on some final details to make the composition more dynamic and give the piece more depth. Lastly, I put a final gloss seal on it and ship it off to my (hopefully) happy customer via the pony express."

How's that for a process? Sounds fun, doesn't it? They look really awesome, and watching him make a couple was interesting and really inspired me. When I asked him why he was embarking on this little business adventure, he said "It lets me explore and create by instinct, and not so much design principle learned in school, although I believe it does influence a lot of my aesthetic decisions. I have fun playing with mixing the different mediums to figure out how they interact and the different effects you can achieve with them. It's exciting because even if someone orders a design that's on that site or one I've already done, every single one is different. I learn something new with every print, and it keeps the process interesting."

Now that you know allllll about Adam's schtuff you need to check it out, design one, and order yourself or a friend one!


I'm loving these colors! I repined a cute little outfit board onto my "Brazil 2012" pintrest board {yes, I feel the need to pin really awesome stuff in anticipation of my adventure} and I just fell in love with the combo! It sparked some inspiration, so I did a quick little illustrator file to make me smile. What are your current faves!?

As for my weekend, it was definitely a hot one and I somehow managed to stay outdoors for most of it. From the pool, to a barbecue, to the bars, and back to the pool — it was a wonderful weekend regardless of the heat!

Spontaneous spending

Spontaneous spending for me these days seem to be tickets to concerts, plane trips to visit friends, and many road trips for new adventures! My most recent purchase was... 
{drum roll please} 


Are you nuts?! I asked myself this very question just after purchasing it, but then became incredibly excited! I am going with a good friend, Catie, to visit one of our friends from college who is living and working in Rio de Janeiro. Call me crazy, but I think it could be classified as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The trip is in October, so I think it's much too soon to begin a countdown... maybe 20 or so days out it can begin :)


I was feeling quite inspired today to create something in my down time at work. I came across a little tutorial {http://nicolesclasses.com/free-tutorials/} and decided to test it out. I am almost embarrassed to say I had no idea what "live paint" was, nor that there was a simple way to send portions of letters behind one another with out clipping and recreating them over top of one another (yikes). I suppose that's because in school I was taught a ton about inDesign and less about illustrator. I also preferred working in inDesign and I still do, but only because I know it so well - today I am branching out... fancy that my friends... fancy that. :)

Ohh my. I also just realized that this is really the first post of something I created. Hm. I have shown things I have done for work but I am an artist & designer outside of work too! This is a blog about anything I do, see, love, or create – silly me, I'll have to include posts about little things I like to do on the side as well!

Coffee :(

Really want some coffee today and stumbling upon this awesomely branded coffee shop is making it difficult to resist! Good thing its out in Cali or I'd be headed down the street right now!

check it out- the shop is super neat and the design of the website is uh-mazing!!!!

Fancy Friends #2

I can't believe I didn't blog about my two fancy friends from UD making moves, designing, cooking, etc! Adam and Ed collaborated towards the end of senior year to make a fun, easy cookbook directed towards college kids! Ed, an amazing cook, prepared all the meals according to what he would normally cook for his 5 roommates, with 10 ingredients, and made the meals in under 30 minutes — hence the name! He also provided the recipes and copy for the book, while Adam photographed the dishes for the book and designed the lay-out! 

Good work guys! I'm super proud of you — it looks amazing!!!! 
So, you all need to check it out and by yourself one :)

Click here to purchase one and click here to check it out on facebook!

Letterpress Inspiration

Melyssa, a college friend visited for the weekend because she had an interview at Victoria's Secret today!! Fingers crossed she gets the job because it would be so great to have another UD grad in the office! The bond coming from a smaller college, with basically an open door policy is unreal and makes reminiscing and sharing stories so much fun. Name dropping is easy and if you don't know who someone is talking about, you definitely know their friend, or a friend of a friend! It keeps you close and creates the most amazing connections (I actually got my job at VS because of an alum's recommendation- and I am so so grateful for that!!!). I could honestly gush about my college experience for days. I do miss it already, but I am lucky to have a little brother just starting his sophomore year! I get to visit whenever I please.

I clearly get side tracked when it comes to talking about dayton... 
Sunday was our little funday to give Melyssa a taste of Columbus and the beautiful Short North. We had literally the 'best happy hour in the short north' at MAC — it was delicious and filling! We stopped in at Funky and Functional down the street on High, which had really unique pieces! Kind thrifty and vintage. I fell in love with an iron bird cage... but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it before we move in October. My other little find were these letterpress letters... I searched all of the large ones for a J, O, or a W... I wanted one of my initials!! I had no luck... but looking at this I'll have to do some more research on ebay and other thrifty little stores for these letters!

These also make me think of one of my favorite professors at UD... John Clarke!!
My type 1&2 teacher — but that's another day... another post!

Chic Design

Discovered @ http://www.designlovefest.com/. (amazing blog! check it out!!) This gem of a label is super chic and modern! My dream is to work for a studio that deals with branding, packaging, and wine labels (galore)! 
vino vino vino