Portable Pizzeria

I stumbled across a really neat blog today called Joe's Daily and found this amazing fella with his own customized food truck:

Yep, I'm not kidding; Jon Darsky, owner and creator of Del Popolo, worked with designers to custom make his mobile pizzeria work on a heavy-duty delivery truck!

He just wanted to bring all of San Francisco a little of this:

YUM! Makes my mouth water. Very fresh, veryyy italian pizza made in a minute. Literally, his oven is so hot, it cooks the pizza in one minute!! Check it out {http://www.delpopolosf.com/}

Blackened Chicken

It's been much too long since my friends and I have been able to have our weekly dinner – so sad! I even had a scrumptious must-try to make for us last week... I ended up cooking it for just me and my roommate. It was anything but sad though- super delicious in fact! I found the recipe for a blackened chicken with lime-cilantro quinoa (here) and had been saving it to try cooking quinoa for the first time! 

Things I did different :
I wasn't able to find quinoa at the grocery store that day, so I resorted to simple brown rice
I added some chopped, sauteed onions to the rice (cause I love the flavor of onions)
I completely forgot the ingredients for the avocado spread - so we used Greek yogurt (I think it's a decent substitute for sour cream)

 ...and voila – I call it fiesta chicken!!

Gobble gobble gobble

Thanksgiving at home was simply divine! I love spending time with my family... especially over a delicious meal!
My baby Nikki!

THE BEST: Christmas Ale before dinner

salad, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and corn bread= perfect turkey day meal!

finish it off with peanut butter pie YUMMY

Love that I am near the lake at home... its beautiful no matter the weather!

Decorating before heading back to Columbus!

Dad, Michael, and Mom
Did you have a fulfilling Thanksgiving!? What were you thankful for?
 First, I am so incredibly thankful for my family and friends :) 
Second, I am thankful for my college experience that led me to an amazing job right after graduation!

Busy Weekend

Move in weekend was a success! Well, minus a few dirty blinds, and an unfinished bathroom. Other than that, I am so glad to be at the new place and aside from moving, it was an eventful weekend all around! My good friend Catie came up from Cinci to be my mom/boyfriend and help me move! I am so grateful for my friends... and this weekend I was especially grateful for her :) I also did a lot of things I wouldn't have done with out her there... like hanging a rod in my closet for extra clothes, thrifting some cheap frames and a table to spray paint, and eating at Bodega and Marcella's! Oh yeah — and I can't forget to mention the fall flea!! My first time at a flea market like that, with vintage clothes, little plants, and antiques. 
It was the perfect sunday afternoon.

Catie bought this awesome red scarf from my co-worker, Keli's booth! Super cute!

First time at Marcella's was delightful! We even got a seat next to the window... which I hear is very hard to come by there!

Fancy Friends #2

I can't believe I didn't blog about my two fancy friends from UD making moves, designing, cooking, etc! Adam and Ed collaborated towards the end of senior year to make a fun, easy cookbook directed towards college kids! Ed, an amazing cook, prepared all the meals according to what he would normally cook for his 5 roommates, with 10 ingredients, and made the meals in under 30 minutes — hence the name! He also provided the recipes and copy for the book, while Adam photographed the dishes for the book and designed the lay-out! 

Good work guys! I'm super proud of you — it looks amazing!!!! 
So, you all need to check it out and by yourself one :)

Click here to purchase one and click here to check it out on facebook!

Just another day...

I honestly can say I work at the most amazing office ever!!! Today we had a fun associate appreciation day filled with fancy hours' devours, classy drinks, casino fun, and my favorite... Dualing pianos!! What a way to turn a rainy Columbus day into a fun afternoon with coworkers! Check out some iPhone pics I snapped today :)

Columbus Wine Festival

Well, weekend wise, I am a week behind on keeping up with my blog, but hopefully this week I can straighten that out! The Columbus Wine Festival hosted by Giant Eagle was last weekend (August 27th) at the Conservatory! It was a warm and beautiful day, and I was lucky enough to have some wonderful visitors!! Three of my college roommates, and Erin's boyfriend, Mike! We all had so much fun, a little too much wine, but many memorable laughs! These are some of my favorite photos/memories from that weekend!

The Conservatory- Must go back and go inside!

Me, Alyssa, Catie, and Samantha


Reggae Wine tattoos

A little something in our tummies

He was quite the connoisseur 
Erin and Mike

Note to self: BUY!


And it's evening!

Lucky Duck

I love making home-made pizza for friends and family! I recently made some delicious pizza for my roommate Erin and I. Using just a sandwich wrap for the crust, I whipped up a white sauce (olive oil, garlic, and italian seasoning) and topped it off with mozerella, goat cheese, and tomatoes! The other is regular red sauce (prego traditional pasta sauce) with three or four cheeses I found in the fridge (use what you like!). With our pizza, we had a glass of Lucky Duck Sauvignon Blanc (wonderfully smooth white wine!).

We topped the pizza off with parmigniano, and it was perfection!

Good Coffee, Better Company

Eggs Benedict (minus the hollandaise sauce) @SideBar in Dayton
ps. Side Bar will be coming to Columbus to soon ((can't wait!!))
There is only one thing better than iced coffee on a summer sunday... Great conversation with a side of iced coffee! That is exactly what I needed when I visited my friend Kelsey in Dayton (@SideBar)! We always have a thousand things to talk about and her being in Dayton makes it more convenient for us to meet and catch-up as opposed to talking on the phone. She's got a million and one things going on in her life so I love listening about all of her projects, ideas, and inspirations! She was in the graphic design program with me and is also a recent graduate of the University of Dayton. She is currently working at Crown Partners (http://www.crownpartners.com/) doing some awesome design work!
Cheers to lattes and macbooks :)

All things small

Simple joys of living on the lake

City of Cleveland in the distance

Meet my beautiful cousin Michelle! We celebrated that belly she is proudly showing off recently! I was able to go home for the baby shower and see some family, which is always lovely!

I believe she is due sometime in September and I cannot wait to meet the little guy! I'm lucky she's in Columbus with me, so I will be able to help out and babysit!

Beth, Michelle, Aunt Cindy, Mom, and Mrs. Buckley

I adore these earrings Beth! I love most feather jewelry! I recently bought an awesome feather necklace that I will post soon :)

The perfect ending to a perfect baby shower includes some delicious sweets— these cookies were hand made  by the hostess, and were a very nice touch considering Michelle is going with an animal theme for her baby boy's room!

One of my favorite food groups

One of my favorite food groups is pasta! Technically it's breads and what not, but I love pasta! After studying in Florence in 2009 I began experimenting with pasta dishes; red sauce, pesto, and basic olive oil sauces! This is one of my favorites — this consists of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and italian seasoning (also good if you like spicy- add some crushed red pepper). Sautee the tomatoes in this then poor over past and top with some feta cheese! YUM :)

Restaurant Week in Columbus

Ttrattoria Roma, Grandview

Restaurant week is my favorite time of the year! This year, I spent it at home in Columbus and only had the chance to go to one restaurant – Trattoria Roma. It was $20 dollars for a miniature three-course meal. I had margherita flat bread, a salad with peach vinaigrette (sounds strange but I highly suggest you try it!) and sausage ravioli. AMAZING! The whole meal was delicious! 

Slowly, but surely I am figuring life out in Columbus, and thus far I have come across unique finds that a just my style! Trattoria Roma, for example, is a lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere to relax, enjoy a meal, and good conversation over a glass of wine! I would recommend it to any who ask!

Restaurant Review

When the chance arises — go to Skillet in German Village for breakfast (or any meal)!! It's fantastic :)  The wait-staff was incredibly nice, informative, and helpful for first-timers like myself and my friend Catie! They are a rustic urban restaurant and their slogan is "ingredient driven, comfort food with an edge." They stay true to this, and to top it off they only cook with locally grown/raised products!

Corned beef has with eggs!

Goat Cheese and potato omelet — a must have!

My lovely friend Catie!

Lazy days

Stuffed peppers are easy to make and absolutely delicious! These are stuffed with wild rice, tomato, orange pepper, corn, and beans in a little lemon juice and topped with a little goat cheese!

I am obsessed with wine labels- as these two photos show! One day I'd love to travel around the world and design/redesign labels for vineyards.
I actually designed the one in the front for a graphic design project last year — I  selected the name "Incandescence" for the wine company. It was one of my favorite projects by far!

Work all the time leaves me with very little free time (other than the weekends) but after work I like to relax, and naturally I like my nails painted, and recently I've started to try fun things such as stripes, dots, colored french tips, etc. If you've get any great ideas for me to try, please let me know :)

This was inspired by my friend Catie! She recently got a job as well (a big congrats- I can tell she really loves it!) At her job she deals with a lot of the social media stuff and is always finding awesome new blogs- she found one with newsprint nails! Its super easy- you paint your nails, let it dry, dip you nails in rubbing alcohol, then cut out sections of the paper to adorn your nails as you please and use a q-tip or cotton ball to dab the newsprint on your nails. Presto! Just apply a coat of clear- and you're all set!