Fancy Friends

I had the pleasure of chatting with this lovely gal last week. She is about to embark on a serious mission. Laura was accepted into the Peace Corps earlier this year and shipped off to Costa Rica in July. It is now time for her to go to her site assignment location where the real business starts! Much less internet time and staying in-touch with her for the rest of us, but it sounds like it will be an amazing 2 years! 

I should probably start planning my trip now... who's with me?! 

Safe travels on your wonderful journey little miss Getzy :)

Follow her adventure { HERE } !!!

Spontaneous spending

Spontaneous spending for me these days seem to be tickets to concerts, plane trips to visit friends, and many road trips for new adventures! My most recent purchase was... 
{drum roll please} 


Are you nuts?! I asked myself this very question just after purchasing it, but then became incredibly excited! I am going with a good friend, Catie, to visit one of our friends from college who is living and working in Rio de Janeiro. Call me crazy, but I think it could be classified as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The trip is in October, so I think it's much too soon to begin a countdown... maybe 20 or so days out it can begin :)

Restaurant Review

When the chance arises — go to Skillet in German Village for breakfast (or any meal)!! It's fantastic :)  The wait-staff was incredibly nice, informative, and helpful for first-timers like myself and my friend Catie! They are a rustic urban restaurant and their slogan is "ingredient driven, comfort food with an edge." They stay true to this, and to top it off they only cook with locally grown/raised products!

Corned beef has with eggs!

Goat Cheese and potato omelet — a must have!

My lovely friend Catie!

Fancy Friends

Congrats to my friend, fellow UD Alumni, co-worker, and roommate, Erin Masur for creating her own hand-written font! It's extremely elegant and looks fantastic :) 

This was created and will hopefully be used in future Victoria's Secret signage and direct mail pieces around the world—look out! We both just recently got the job as freelance designers here at VS (Limited Brands Headquarters in Columbus, OH), and the learning process as a newbie has been amazing thus far. The people are amazing and the talent is incredible, I look forward to (hopefully) a quite a few years here! >pics to come of days on the job!!<