Weekend recap

This past weekend was filled with sun, reading, and adventure! I spent Saturday by the pool reading a new book that reminds me of my summer in Italy. The book is titled Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, and I want to share my very favorite line thus far; "Then she smiled, and in that instant, if such a thing were possible, Pasquale fell in love, and he would remain in love for the rest of his life-not so much with the woman, whom he didn't even know, but with the moment." I think that is so eloquently said.

{teal toes & coral nails... I can't believe summer is almost over}

Sunday... was much more of an adventure... Derek & I went skydiving!! It was SOO exhilarating! The free-fall portion was freezing and I could barely catch my breath, but the gliding along after the parachute deployed, was warm, quiet, and serene! Such a rush!

My family reunion: LA edition

This year, my family reunion was in Los Angeles, California. Lots of sun, lots of smiles, & a ton of fun! One of the first days, we broke up into teams and did a scavenger hunt similar to the amazing race. My team, unfortunately, came in 3rd (out of three teams), but we did have a lot of fun seeing some cool Hollywood sights along the way. Saturday night, when we roasted my uncle as SNL characters was by far my favorite evening! He was a good sport and laughed the entire time! Yeah... my family is pretty cool :) I love them all & miss 'em already!

The losing time, but definitely the bestttt team!

Michelle & I on the Hop On Hop Off scavenger hunt

Rock & Roll

Proud of our 3rd place :)

Me & Aunt Dini
Beth & MICHAEL CERA!!! super cool!
love these...

Dayton <3 td="">

Sprinkles Cupcake & Sprinkles ice cream = greatest combo ever.

24-hour Sprinkles cupcake dispenser = heaven!


Protein pancackes by KC!

Me: Debbie Downer / Beth: Target Lady

My Mom: PAT

Meg & Kc: The Delicious Dish

The whole gang & the birthday boy!

Venice Beach

Met Katrina from Tone It Up with KC @ Coffee Beacn!!

Wrapp, the App!

This little App is really fun and convenient! You gift $5 to friends or family... for free! You can also chose to purchase an amount higher than that and send it along via text, email, or facebook. So don't forget anyone's birthday this year :) you can send a $5 credit for their favorite store.

Hey. Now they're offering VS stuff. Even better!

Oh. And, you don't even have to download the app on your phone, you can just join with your facebook! {WRAPP}

embalagem para Brasil

Woot woot! This time tomorrow, I will be on my flight to Brazil :)
((hopefully sleeping for most of it, fingers crossed))

The past few days have been a whirl-wind of packing and prepping, but mostly packing and re-packing. Sunday evening, I attempted to start and this is how I left it...

 Last night around 8 my room looked more like this...

and finally by midnight I am almost there... 

Welp - time to get back to packing! Can't wait to share the photos and stories in a few weeks!

Bring on the sunshine, the beaches, adventures, and whatever else may come our way!

Insta-pics lately

1 to 4. My little cousin Owen's first birthday party!
5. Celebrating Erin's b-day with Courtney
6. Impero coffee on High St. (Seriously recommend the lattes)


{found this gem on a little plaque in a restaurant bathroom}

It is down-pouring outside my office window right now! I don't hate it though, I know my plants especially needed it after a hot weekend! Hope your monday is a little sunnier than mine!

Here & There

I have been seriously neglecting my blog the past two weeks. So not okay! Work just got busy and my weekends were filled with concerts and adventures! I have been here and there, flying by the seat of my pants and just going with the flow!

The weekend before last, I celebrate one of my college roommate's birthday in Cinci and then cam home sunday to attempt to go to a concert. my roommate Erin and I scalped tickets to Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean. Not knowing a ton of their songs, I was surprised at how awesome Luke Bryan was live! Same with Aldean of course, but c'mon Luke sings my fave country song "Country Girl (Shake it for me)." It was so much fun and my first ticket scalping experience was a success... I would totally do it again!

Then, last weekend was the Summer Fest concert at Lifestyles Community Pavilion, a smaller outdoor venue. I saw; The Lumineers, Ben Kweller, Tanlines, and Metric. All of which I have only recently begun to listen to and I highly recommend them all :)

And they were all so amazing live! 
{we also kind of sort of snuck into My Morning Jacket Sunday evening.... shhh}

Bonnaroo 2012

My first experience at Bonnaroo was amazing! It's already known I love to travel and experience new things, but a whole a weekend of concerts and camping in Tennessee!? 
AHH. It was so much fun! 

Thursday, Day 1:
We set up camp at about 8 AM, explored a bit, napped for a few hours, then headed in to Centeroo to check out the scene. That day we saw: Soja, Alabama Shakes, Phantogram, & Mimosa

Friday, Day 2:
We hung around the camp for a little and then headed in for some afternoon concerts. That day we saw: Tune-yards, Laura Marling, Little Dragon, The Avett Brothers, and Fitz & The Tantrums

Saturday, Day 3:
Erin and I headed in early to explore some more, stopped a small side bar to dance and danced at the silent disco for awhile. That was quite funny because with the head phones, you understood what people were grooving and singing to, but with out, they looked incredibly silly! We also wandered around Centeroo until the sun rose sunday morning after all of the concerts. I don't think we slept more than a few hours here and there the entire weekend! That day we saw: SBTRKT, The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice Cooper, and Skrillex

Sunday, Day 4:
Tired and hungover from the past few days, we were quite slow at getting up and getting into Centeroo. It was a chill day, mostly sitting in the grass for the concerts, instead of standing and dancing! That day we saw: GROUPLOVE, The Beach Boys (yes I do not lie, they were at Bonnaroo!! I think one of them wasn't there... but hey that's a legit turn out for a group of now 60-something men!), Ben Folds Five, Bon Iver, The Civil Wars, Young the Giant, and The Shins

Memorial Day

My Memorial Day weekend was spent in the sun, on a boat, on the lake, skiing and tubing! The way any Memorial or Labor Day weekend should be spent of course! I was a first timer down on Lake Cumberland with the Masur family and it was a wonderful weekend!

*Special thanks to my lovely roommate, Erin's family for inviting me up and treating me as one of their own!

Check List {TGIF}

I haven't posted in forever... mostly because work and life in general have been incredibly busy! Don't get me wrong, it makes me so happy! I've always been a go-go-go type of person and adding things to my long list of to-do's only makes me smile!

Recently I was in Vegas with two of my best friends from home! VEGAS! Wow. Too much fun.  Much needed sun. Time with friends. Fancy drinks. Ohhhh it was just a much needed vacation overall!

Here's a sneak peek of some the adventures we had:

LMFAO {Friday}
DJ Tiesto {Saturday} 
Pool Parties.... all day every day
Big winner at the slot machines {Sami}A whole post of Vegas will follow soon... most likely next week but it will come!
Anywho- it's friday and apparently I was feelin a bit spendy aaaand [drum roll please] I bought a ticket to Bonnaroo!!! Yay! Y
eah... even after my expensive Vegas trip :/ hmm... here you say 'Jackie are you nuts!?' My first music festival though, I had to jump at the opportunity! Oh gosh – and a friend offered a few open hotel rooms for the derby this weekend, so on a whim, I'm headed to Kentucky for the races!!! Woo!! Hence I've decided that 2012 is my check list year... Working and finally having the money and freedom to make big girl decisions about how I spend it may end badly in the future when it boils down to 'how much did you save for retirement' – I say oh well [for now]!! So as I reach for my pen and paper my check list begins, and already I can check off Veags, the Kentucky Derby, and Bonnaroo, all in one year!! Soooo.... more posts to come!! 
So in true southern spirit:


Blackened Chicken

It's been much too long since my friends and I have been able to have our weekly dinner – so sad! I even had a scrumptious must-try to make for us last week... I ended up cooking it for just me and my roommate. It was anything but sad though- super delicious in fact! I found the recipe for a blackened chicken with lime-cilantro quinoa (here) and had been saving it to try cooking quinoa for the first time! 

Things I did different :
I wasn't able to find quinoa at the grocery store that day, so I resorted to simple brown rice
I added some chopped, sauteed onions to the rice (cause I love the flavor of onions)
I completely forgot the ingredients for the avocado spread - so we used Greek yogurt (I think it's a decent substitute for sour cream)

 ...and voila – I call it fiesta chicken!!


Not to toot my own horn... but I like to think I'm pretty good at throwing things together for a meal. Friends and family may think other wise but my Dad is an amazing cook and I like to think I took after him in that respect!

This little pasta dish was quite delicious. It was a mix of things I had in my pantry, of which I threw together: pine nuts, goat cheese, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and italian sausage. For a sauce, to add a little punch, I mixed a little of white cooking wine with olive oil and lemon juice and then added spices to taste! 

Try it out, or mix up a version of some of your favorite ingredients! As always pair with some wonderful wine! This Butternut Chardonnay was from my boss at VS (a nice christmas surprise)!

Hipstamatic of Cali

California was a dream! I got in on Friday to the San Francisco airport, my cousin Kc picked me up and we went straight to her class! I haven't been in a classroom since April, and it made me miss school just a little bit! Friday evening we got margaritas to celebrate my birthday and the waiter brought over one too many shots for me — yikes! After, we went to her friends' house for a party! Naturally, people were surprised I was from Ohio and were confused as to why I was visiting Sonoma State for fun!

Saturday, we spent several hours at little cafe called Redwood. The food was delicious and once again we splurged on a little something special... chocolate cake.. to celebrate my birthday (again... I think we just kept telling ourselves it was a weekend for splurging!) We walked around a bit and went to an adorable vintage shop, where we shopped a bit and headed back to her house to get ready to go out! We went to the main bar on campus with her roommate and some friends, it was a lot of fun!!

Sunday was one of my favorite days, because I got to see a lot of San Francisco! It's amazingly beautiful and standing near the Golden Gate bridge is seriously inspiring!!! We walked around Haight Street, which we were told is must see and it was a fun place to shop around. We ate in little Italy at one of San Francisco's bestttt restaurants (I can't currently remember the name). I ate so much, the ride back to Sonoma was very uncomfortable!!

Here's my recap in my new favorite app Hipstamatic

Thank you so so much for your hospitality Kc!!! 
I love you dearly and I can't wait to see you for Christmas!!! <3

Busy Weekend

Move in weekend was a success! Well, minus a few dirty blinds, and an unfinished bathroom. Other than that, I am so glad to be at the new place and aside from moving, it was an eventful weekend all around! My good friend Catie came up from Cinci to be my mom/boyfriend and help me move! I am so grateful for my friends... and this weekend I was especially grateful for her :) I also did a lot of things I wouldn't have done with out her there... like hanging a rod in my closet for extra clothes, thrifting some cheap frames and a table to spray paint, and eating at Bodega and Marcella's! Oh yeah — and I can't forget to mention the fall flea!! My first time at a flea market like that, with vintage clothes, little plants, and antiques. 
It was the perfect sunday afternoon.

Catie bought this awesome red scarf from my co-worker, Keli's booth! Super cute!

First time at Marcella's was delightful! We even got a seat next to the window... which I hear is very hard to come by there!

Moving day= Happy day!

I might have mentioned I move this weekend... if not, YAY I do!! ha. I moved to columbus 3-months ago for my job at Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret) and wasn't familiar with the area at all. So my roommate, Erin, and I signed a 3-month lease (near work- Reynoldsburg), so we could familiarize ourselves with Columbus! Living out in Reynoldsburg has been convient, but now we were are moving to the young-professionals area of town! That includes Short North, Victorian Village, Italian Village, and Arena District!! We'll be in the heart of it all and I could not be more excited about it! It will be somewhat of a life-style change, for example we'll be close to where we like to go out, eat out, and shop- so it's all positive changes! 
Like I said... YAYYY!!!! :)

Just a little friday luck on our move — I took these iPhone photos earlier this week right after a crazy rain storm! Enjoy
beautiful rainbow

and wonderful sunset behind me

Letterpress Inspiration

Melyssa, a college friend visited for the weekend because she had an interview at Victoria's Secret today!! Fingers crossed she gets the job because it would be so great to have another UD grad in the office! The bond coming from a smaller college, with basically an open door policy is unreal and makes reminiscing and sharing stories so much fun. Name dropping is easy and if you don't know who someone is talking about, you definitely know their friend, or a friend of a friend! It keeps you close and creates the most amazing connections (I actually got my job at VS because of an alum's recommendation- and I am so so grateful for that!!!). I could honestly gush about my college experience for days. I do miss it already, but I am lucky to have a little brother just starting his sophomore year! I get to visit whenever I please.

I clearly get side tracked when it comes to talking about dayton... 
Sunday was our little funday to give Melyssa a taste of Columbus and the beautiful Short North. We had literally the 'best happy hour in the short north' at MAC — it was delicious and filling! We stopped in at Funky and Functional down the street on High, which had really unique pieces! Kind thrifty and vintage. I fell in love with an iron bird cage... but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it before we move in October. My other little find were these letterpress letters... I searched all of the large ones for a J, O, or a W... I wanted one of my initials!! I had no luck... but looking at this I'll have to do some more research on ebay and other thrifty little stores for these letters!

These also make me think of one of my favorite professors at UD... John Clarke!!
My type 1&2 teacher — but that's another day... another post!

Just another day...

I honestly can say I work at the most amazing office ever!!! Today we had a fun associate appreciation day filled with fancy hours' devours, classy drinks, casino fun, and my favorite... Dualing pianos!! What a way to turn a rainy Columbus day into a fun afternoon with coworkers! Check out some iPhone pics I snapped today :)