The Cristo! Rio De Janeiro {Part 3}

On our very last day we packed in anything and everything we could! Of course we had to start our day at Cafeina, with fresh OJ, fresh papaya, bread, cheese, turkey, and honey & jam! And then we spent the rest of the day venturing up to the Cristo. WOW. Words can't describe how amazing that statue is – and the view of Rio was spectacular!! At 130 feet tall, the Cristo is a religious icon for Christianity as well as a cultural icon for Brazil. His open arms represent peace, but originally the plan was to have a globe in one hand and a cross in other. At the bottom of the statue, there was a beautiful little chapel. Photos were not permitted, but I will tell you, it was small yet wonderful!

I had to end with one of my favorite snacks (while in Brazil) from BB Launches, a little Suco Bar on Joe's street. Pastel de carne, somewhat like a beef empanada, but there's a small surprise in it... half of a hard boiled egg! Call me crazy, but they're delicious and I guess you'll just have to try for yourself! Oh yeah, and of course I couldn't leave with out fresh acai and granola.

Brazil, I miss you dearly!

Rio De Janeiro {Part 2}

The adventures continued, from late nights at Vellosa Bar, to the steps of Santa Teresa, and one of my favorites: hang gliding! We really packed in a lot in our 10-day trip. Joe's friend, Brad (an american also working in Brazil), was a wonderful asset to our trip. He spoke Portuguese very well, and was willing to talk for Catie and I (major relief!) and hung out with us for most of the trip while Joe was working. Like I said, one of my favorite adventures was hang gliding; the first series of photos. Our guide, Paulo, was a peach. He let us each have an almost 35-minute ride (usually 15-20 minutes)! We were up in the mountains and clouds, looking down upon the beach and the gorgeous houses with their own fancy pools. We also landed on the beach!

Another must-see in Rio, that we did was the tiled steps of Santa Teresa. They were truly amazing! Selaron, the artist, was actually sitting on the steps painting that day! He claims they will never be finished; he is always adding and editing, like a true artist! 
*Note the Michael Jackson, Guns & Roses, and Bob Marley tiles. YUP-– my favorite ones!

Oh, and that mouth-watering sandwich, lunch at Cafeina of course!
{what? I told you we love that little spot! Oh, and we almost always sat at the same table}

Rio De Janeiro

These photos are from the first few days after Buzios, in Rio. With Joe working most of the day, Catie and I explored the beaches and the town. I was loving the grainy sand, the crashing waves, and the fresh coconuts. On Joe's street, we started just about every day with a coffee from Cafeina and then leisurely went about our day from there, in true vacation style. It wasn't too hard to get around knowing only a few words in Portuguese. It was a beautiful language and would like to learn more of it one day! The last few photos, are from our dinner at "Garota de Ipanem" ((translation The Girl from Ipanema)). A famous little spot, where the song was written by Vinicius de MoraesIt was by far one of my favorite authentic Brazilian meals! The steak cooked on a hot plate that sat at your table and was accompanied with rice, beans, and a flour-like crispy dish that you coated your steak with.

Beautiful Búzios

Our very first day in Brazil, we landed in Rio de Janeiro around 9:30 am. We were picked up at the airport shortly after, and arrived at Joe's apartment to meet his friend Brad. Brad decided the best thing for us to do on our first day is check out a local Cafe (it soon became Catie and mine's favorite breakfast spot) and take us up to see an amazing view of the city from Pão de Açúcar, in English it's known as Sugarloaf Mountain. 
Some photos from our view:

Our first weekend in Brazil, was spent at a beautiful house in Búzios with some of Joe's co-workers and friends! Words cannot explain how wonderful the beaches were and how charming the house was we rented... some photos from the weekend:

Blog Swap

Hello Everyone! I'm Nadine from Hello, Tigerface and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite childhood summer holiday (or "vacation"). So I hope you enjoy this little post and enjoy a few snaps of my childhood.

Blackpool is a seaside town in North England and in the right weather can be a great place to spend your summer holiday :) It has loads of things to do there; like going up to the top of Blackpool tower:
Looks like the Eiffel Tower but not as high!

It's also got those machines where you can grab nice cuddly toys:

It has some pretty sweet rides:
A little me riding a fire truck :)

That's my Nana and cousin :)

You can get some nice Rock dummies and Candyfloss:

And finally, Blackpool gives you good candid photo ops, like this:

I'm in the yellow :)

Thanks for reading and thank you Jackie for having me! Come visit me and say hi! Also, if you have time enter my Giveaway: Only a few days left!

Looks like a ton of fun! I've never been to England, and would love to go one day! Check out my favorite vaca over on Nadine's blog!! She's got a ton of stuff to check out, and a couple of super neat give-aways too! Thanks for sharing Nadine <3 font="font">

Fancy Friends #3

Let me tell you something... I have some really awesome friends! Yes, yes, let me brag a bit cause they're really great, I swear it! You may remember, last year I blogged about a couple of my "fancy friends" in different posts, but recall my two friends who made a cookbook together in "fancy friends #2"? Well the designer from that endeavor has started a little something I'd like to brag about cause it's super neat!

Meet Adam:

But they start out like this:

The next step kind of look like this:

And then they turn out a little something like this:

I think it might be a little more interesting and informative from his perspective so I asked him to tell us about his process: "I start every piece the same: I roughen up the wood, paint it, stain it, paint it, then stain it again. I've discovered a unique painting technique that enables me to achieve the 'vintage look' that I've been embracing. I then work with the purchaser to design exactly what they're looking for; whether that's colors, city information, or a completely custom design." 
"I print the design and match it to a piece of 'vintage wood' that I think will work best. Next, I do a matte medium transfer of the print to the wood, and once that's finished I seal it. Then I draw on it, or use marker, or I paint it, or spray paint, and I sometimes use stencils. I then add on some final details to make the composition more dynamic and give the piece more depth. Lastly, I put a final gloss seal on it and ship it off to my (hopefully) happy customer via the pony express."

How's that for a process? Sounds fun, doesn't it? They look really awesome, and watching him make a couple was interesting and really inspired me. When I asked him why he was embarking on this little business adventure, he said "It lets me explore and create by instinct, and not so much design principle learned in school, although I believe it does influence a lot of my aesthetic decisions. I have fun playing with mixing the different mediums to figure out how they interact and the different effects you can achieve with them. It's exciting because even if someone orders a design that's on that site or one I've already done, every single one is different. I learn something new with every print, and it keeps the process interesting."

Now that you know allllll about Adam's schtuff you need to check it out, design one, and order yourself or a friend one!

Layover {Denver, CO}

I love flying... well any type of traveling adventure for that matter! Just landed in Denver for my hour and a half layover and after walking around for a bit, I decided to blog! My computer is one of the smartest things I packed for this short stay in Sonoma. I'm not the greatest at packing, which is somewhat ironic for my love of travel — you think I would have it down pat... but maybe that comes with more experience. I have traveled a lot in my 22 years (almost 23... eeek!) but not nearly as much as I would like. So maybe I will soon learn to pack efficiently :)

One of my college roommates, Sarah, visited me a little over a week ago for a Saturday afternoon before her race in Columbus. We took a walk through Goodale Park (about a block from my apartment) and these are some lovely fall photos that make me smile from that day.

New apartment—photos to come of inside (once my room is complete)

Hiiii Sarah!!!

Beautiful fall colors against the red brick

Can't help but photograph flowers

Lovely sun effect

Goodale Park

Small cherub??

Makes you stop and think... doesn't it?

Just stalking an adorable couple


Pretty ivy
And now off to San Francisco!!!!

I love love

This weekend was one of my favorite weekends in a long time... I got to see a good friend incredibly happy and my lovely friends I made abroad in Italy in 2009. Although it has been over 2 years since most of us have been together, it was like we never left each other. Such a unique and special bond that we share from our experiences and adventures abroad, it's truly amazing! The lovely lady that made this all happen was Jackie — she got married this weekend!!! Eeek!! It's still unreal, as she is my first friend to get married, but I am so so happy for her. She looked stunning in her dress, honestly one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! The reception was beautiful as well, and so much fun!! Danielle, Rachel, Sydney, MaKaela, Kenny, Nick, Kevin, and I were of course the first group on the dance floor and the last ones to leave! We all had too much fun and I was so sad to leave this morning... 
I miss them all already!!

Italy girls in charge of the honeymoon suite 

I think we did good :)


Danielle and I

Kenny and I

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Clark

Jackie and Aaron- First dance

Sydney, Rachel, and Makaela

Kenny, Kevin, and Nick

Father/daughter dance

Italy crew... being italy crew (typical)


ain't she beautiful!!!

Rachel and gorgeous bride, Jackie

and after the wedding... we made kenny beautiful!!

Pin-striaght & new look :) hahahah

Congratulations Jackie and Aaron! The wedding was beautiful and I wish you two the utmost happiness in life and marriage! Aaron, welcome to our "italian family" we love you already for how happy you make our Jackie (Gabbana)!

Fancy Friends #2

I can't believe I didn't blog about my two fancy friends from UD making moves, designing, cooking, etc! Adam and Ed collaborated towards the end of senior year to make a fun, easy cookbook directed towards college kids! Ed, an amazing cook, prepared all the meals according to what he would normally cook for his 5 roommates, with 10 ingredients, and made the meals in under 30 minutes — hence the name! He also provided the recipes and copy for the book, while Adam photographed the dishes for the book and designed the lay-out! 

Good work guys! I'm super proud of you — it looks amazing!!!! 
So, you all need to check it out and by yourself one :)

Click here to purchase one and click here to check it out on facebook!

Columbus Wine Festival

Well, weekend wise, I am a week behind on keeping up with my blog, but hopefully this week I can straighten that out! The Columbus Wine Festival hosted by Giant Eagle was last weekend (August 27th) at the Conservatory! It was a warm and beautiful day, and I was lucky enough to have some wonderful visitors!! Three of my college roommates, and Erin's boyfriend, Mike! We all had so much fun, a little too much wine, but many memorable laughs! These are some of my favorite photos/memories from that weekend!

The Conservatory- Must go back and go inside!

Me, Alyssa, Catie, and Samantha


Reggae Wine tattoos

A little something in our tummies

He was quite the connoisseur 
Erin and Mike

Note to self: BUY!


And it's evening!

Lucky Duck

I love making home-made pizza for friends and family! I recently made some delicious pizza for my roommate Erin and I. Using just a sandwich wrap for the crust, I whipped up a white sauce (olive oil, garlic, and italian seasoning) and topped it off with mozerella, goat cheese, and tomatoes! The other is regular red sauce (prego traditional pasta sauce) with three or four cheeses I found in the fridge (use what you like!). With our pizza, we had a glass of Lucky Duck Sauvignon Blanc (wonderfully smooth white wine!).

We topped the pizza off with parmigniano, and it was perfection!

You can't teach an old dog new tricks

Although there is no way of getting my dog to do new things, I can get her to sit, lay down, and jump for me and photograph it, all with the help of some kibbles!

Meet Nikki!

A few weekends ago, I had the chance to go home and spend some time with my family and our dog, Nikki. She is a 9-year-old yellow lab, who is much more white than yellow! Every summer, my mom takes her to the groomers and gets her hair shaved (mostly so she stays cool through out the hot Cleveland summer, but she also looks younger). I find that this makes Nikki feel like a puppy again and used this to my advantage when I photographed her in our backyard! She was a lovely little model and I'm excited to see her again for labor day weekend :)


oyi vey I feel like I haven't blogged in forever — it's been two, maybe three weeks and I was able to post last night about the weekend previous, but I want to get better and post every two days... if not everyday!! That's the part of blogging that throws me, the time people are able to spend on their blog! Totally admirable and I'd like to set aside the time to do that each day! 
Grab a cup of coffee to start out a monday and have a wonderful week :)

Bachelorette Bliss

Having friends that are getting married, have babies, and doing the whole real-world thing right now, is amazing! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of a friend from Italy, Jackie's bachelorette weekend. She has found someone amazing to share the rest of her life with and although I have yet to meet due to distance, I can tell he makes her happy and I could not be more excited for her!

As my first experience with a bachelorette party, I was intrigued to see how this would go.. would it be male stripers, penis shaped things, and a lot of alcohol. (Similar to something I would see on MTV!?) I was thrilled to find out it was  little more low-key, yet still just as fun. A huge congrats, thanks, and job well done to the Bride-to-be's sister, Kayte :) She did a wonderful job, from booking a house on the beach, to the decor, food and drinks, and fun gifts!! What a lovely sister!!

I am super excited for the wedding... Probably not as excited and ready as Jackie is though!! Hurry up September 24th — LOVE YOU JACKIE!!
Kayte and soon-to-be bride Jackie

Italy girls at the beach (Rachel & Jackie)

Ominous clouds...

A storm hit us hard towards the end of our relaxing beach day :(

It was a little frightening as we scrambled off the beach to head back to the house....

at the same time, it was so beautiful I had to stop to snap pictures!

Bachelorette games begin 

fancy drinks

accompanied by fancy appetizers 

welcome to your party Jackie!

Another fun little game — we had to kiss him blind folded and sign next to our kiss!

Lovely Italy ladies, Danielle and Makaela gave Jackie a panty line with an adorable little poem!
It was one of my favorite gifts!! Cute idea girls :)

and of course there was dancing... I swear we all were and not just Jackie and her best friend! haha

Good Coffee, Better Company

Eggs Benedict (minus the hollandaise sauce) @SideBar in Dayton
ps. Side Bar will be coming to Columbus to soon ((can't wait!!))
There is only one thing better than iced coffee on a summer sunday... Great conversation with a side of iced coffee! That is exactly what I needed when I visited my friend Kelsey in Dayton (@SideBar)! We always have a thousand things to talk about and her being in Dayton makes it more convenient for us to meet and catch-up as opposed to talking on the phone. She's got a million and one things going on in her life so I love listening about all of her projects, ideas, and inspirations! She was in the graphic design program with me and is also a recent graduate of the University of Dayton. She is currently working at Crown Partners ( doing some awesome design work!
Cheers to lattes and macbooks :)

Dear Lake Erie, I've missed you

Right after this photo, my brother Michael fell off

Hi momma!

Brother Michael and I

Last weekend, I returned home to find out my family now owns a boat! We owned a boat quite a few years ago and I am shocked my dad even considered getting a boat again, let alone actually buying it! I must say I was excited to get back into tubing and water skiing though! I was so happy and it was a beautiful day spent on the lake with some of my favorite people!

All things small

Simple joys of living on the lake

City of Cleveland in the distance

Meet my beautiful cousin Michelle! We celebrated that belly she is proudly showing off recently! I was able to go home for the baby shower and see some family, which is always lovely!

I believe she is due sometime in September and I cannot wait to meet the little guy! I'm lucky she's in Columbus with me, so I will be able to help out and babysit!

Beth, Michelle, Aunt Cindy, Mom, and Mrs. Buckley

I adore these earrings Beth! I love most feather jewelry! I recently bought an awesome feather necklace that I will post soon :)

The perfect ending to a perfect baby shower includes some delicious sweets— these cookies were hand made  by the hostess, and were a very nice touch considering Michelle is going with an animal theme for her baby boy's room!

Birthday Celebrations

A celebratory shot in honor of the birthday girl Catie!

These are my lovely college roommates (I cannot believe I'm saying that—I wish they were still my wonderful roommates)! From left to right; Catie (the birthday girl), Alyssa, Sarah, Sam, and Margaret. We were all able to get together for a reunion in Cincinnati! We went out and celebrated at a few Mt Adams bars such as Pavilion and AliveOne. They were really fun and the view from Pavilion is something to see if you're ever in the area, especially at night! There's a thousand beautiful lights, and you can see the river and right on to Kentucky. I can't wait to go back! Although I would hope all of my roomies coud be there too :) Love you guys!!!

One of my favorite food groups

One of my favorite food groups is pasta! Technically it's breads and what not, but I love pasta! After studying in Florence in 2009 I began experimenting with pasta dishes; red sauce, pesto, and basic olive oil sauces! This is one of my favorites — this consists of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and italian seasoning (also good if you like spicy- add some crushed red pepper). Sautee the tomatoes in this then poor over past and top with some feta cheese! YUM :)