SPAIN ((Part 3))

{La Sagrada Familia... WOW}

{Gaudi designed the interior to be reminiscent of a forrest -
tall trees, branching out to meet one another... you see it!?}

{hands down, one of my favorite tourist stops - inspiring & calming}

{stumbled upon a hotel with an amazing view & lavish garden}

{Erin loved this knobby tree and crazy roots}

{awesome graffiti never gets old}

{where I almost got successfully pick-pocketed! yikes.}

{banana & Nutella crepe - largest one ever!!}
Ahhh Spain. I miss your beautiful views and bustling streets... 'Til next time!

SPAIN ((Part 2))

More photos of beautiful Barcelona! We really jam-packed our sightseeing within the first few days in Barcelona - it had many things I wanted to see and many things we just stumbled upon. It was a lot of fun to discover the city mostly on foot and sometimes by Metro. We had some confusion and miscommunication when it came to the Spanish Metro... but nonetheless we conquered it!
{Parc Guell}

{the guards house}


{we spent most of the day hiding from the rain in here... and I didn't mind it one bit!}

{Casa Batillo - a Gaudi attraction. His design has a very natural & under-the-sea feel}

{Another one of Gaudi's works}

{Arc de Triumph}

{I'm a sucker for sticking around to watch street performers... until they ask for money}

{Parc de la Ciutadella}

{stumbled upon a park designed by Gaudi - where a movie was being filmed!}

{do you see it!?!}


Member the Spain-insta-pic post? Well, finally I have my photos ready to share! Bear with me here, the Spanish adventure from May will be posted in 3 separate posts. Here are some photos from our brief stay in Madrid and some moments from Barcelona - my favorite of the three cities Erin and I visited :)


{Hostel in Barcelona}

{Bachelor partiers from London}

{searching for parc guell}


Remember when I bought that spontaneous flight to Brazil... Well I'm back at the spontaneous spending friends. I bought my flight to Spain today! I have to admit the purchase of this flight was just slightly more premeditated than my ticket to Brazil. I've known that my brother will be studying abroad in Spain this summer and naturally, the traveling soul that I am, I knew I had to visit him. Oh, and it's his 21st birthday and he will be in a country without a legal drinking age... the irony! I'm excited to visit and celebrate his birthday though!

This time around, I will be traveling with my roommate, Erin, and we're really excited to see a lot of Spain. You may remember that I did an illustration for my Brazil trip... this time around I depicted our travels within Spain. We fly into Madrid to stay for a day or two, then take a train to stay in beautiful Barcelona for a few days, and then we meet up with my brother in Malaga for his b-day celebrations. Next, we visit Seville for a day (maybe two because I've heard its gorgeous), then head back to Madrid for the flight home. I have never traveled in such a nomadic way when going abroad. My previous experiences include; studying abroad in Italy, in which our trips were planned by other people for the most part, and Brazil of course, where I stayed with a friend and was in Rio for almost all of the trip. I'm really excited to get a different, less planned, travel method under my belt; all the while sipping sangria, eating chocolate covered churros, followed by a wonderful Spanish guitarist. Hey. A girl can dream.