Fancy Friends

I had the pleasure of chatting with this lovely gal last week. She is about to embark on a serious mission. Laura was accepted into the Peace Corps earlier this year and shipped off to Costa Rica in July. It is now time for her to go to her site assignment location where the real business starts! Much less internet time and staying in-touch with her for the rest of us, but it sounds like it will be an amazing 2 years! 

I should probably start planning my trip now... who's with me?! 

Safe travels on your wonderful journey little miss Getzy :)

Follow her adventure { HERE } !!!

SPAIN ((Part 3))

{La Sagrada Familia... WOW}

{Gaudi designed the interior to be reminiscent of a forrest -
tall trees, branching out to meet one another... you see it!?}

{hands down, one of my favorite tourist stops - inspiring & calming}

{stumbled upon a hotel with an amazing view & lavish garden}

{Erin loved this knobby tree and crazy roots}

{awesome graffiti never gets old}

{where I almost got successfully pick-pocketed! yikes.}

{banana & Nutella crepe - largest one ever!!}
Ahhh Spain. I miss your beautiful views and bustling streets... 'Til next time!

SPAIN ((Part 2))

More photos of beautiful Barcelona! We really jam-packed our sightseeing within the first few days in Barcelona - it had many things I wanted to see and many things we just stumbled upon. It was a lot of fun to discover the city mostly on foot and sometimes by Metro. We had some confusion and miscommunication when it came to the Spanish Metro... but nonetheless we conquered it!
{Parc Guell}

{the guards house}


{we spent most of the day hiding from the rain in here... and I didn't mind it one bit!}

{Casa Batillo - a Gaudi attraction. His design has a very natural & under-the-sea feel}

{Another one of Gaudi's works}

{Arc de Triumph}

{I'm a sucker for sticking around to watch street performers... until they ask for money}

{Parc de la Ciutadella}

{stumbled upon a park designed by Gaudi - where a movie was being filmed!}

{do you see it!?!}


Member the Spain-insta-pic post? Well, finally I have my photos ready to share! Bear with me here, the Spanish adventure from May will be posted in 3 separate posts. Here are some photos from our brief stay in Madrid and some moments from Barcelona - my favorite of the three cities Erin and I visited :)


{Hostel in Barcelona}

{Bachelor partiers from London}

{searching for parc guell}


Honest-to-pete I just found my future retirement plan!! Yeah, ok so I would need to start saving for this, like yesterday, but hey: it sounds like my travel dream come true, then multiplied by two! 

photo cred
The woman sounds... so cool! Like, I kind of want to be her best friend. Forever!

Some things that really stuck with me about their life-style:
"Connecting with people we would never have encountered in our 
regular lives is the most thrilling part of our lifestyle."

"For us, giving up 2,500 square feet of gracious California living for a 500-square-foot apartment in Paris or Istanbul is more than a fair trade-off. In place of our heavy-duty gas stove, big-name pots and pans and enormous refrigerator, we now find ourselves using Barbie-size sinks, bar fridges and some pretty sketchy cookware. We share bathrooms with one sink and watch movies on a 13-inch computer screen. At the same time, we enjoy lunches where the paté comes from heaven, drives through the luscious French countryside where even the cows are beautiful, and strolls along the Arno River in Italy for our after-dinner exercise."

Sounds like some pretty awesome trade-offs. Oh and you can follow her & her husband along on their journey through her blog: @ Home Free Adventures

This retirement plan certainly suits my traveling soul!

Special thanks to Kelsey, who sent it to me - after her friend Maggie sent it to her!
(( 2 thumbs up ))

Can't Forget It{aly)

On this wonderful little blog about an American girl in Paris, I found a neat project called "Can't Forget It{lay}." Yes, it caught my eye because I'm certain my heart lies in the European culture, under the Tuscan, with a giant bowl of pasta. 

On Making Magique, Haleigh, was contacted and asked to film her entire trip to Italy and create a finished video to share with the world. Did I mention the company paid for it all? Oh. Silly me. Well that was the deal! Her exact words were "all expense paid trip to Italy plus cash and prizes." In exchange for her video of the trip! Where do I sign up!?

And then watch some of the amazing videos they've got!

Windy City Love

I just adore Chicago and all of its charm! This past weekend, Sarah and I visited our college roommate who recently moved to the city, for Sarah's birthday weekend - mine was the weekend before and every year since sophomore year we have celebrated them together. Now, being in different cities (for now - she is soon moving back to Columbus- YAY), it is hard to round up all 7 of my roommates to get together for each birthday celebration. This weekend Margaret, Alyssa, and Sara Lyn were around to celebrate - but we are soon venturing back  to Chicago for T-Box and Sam will join us then!

Twelve bars of X-mas.... a bar crawl with Christmas costumes. 
YUP. You guessed it; totally my kinda thing!

embalagem para Brasil

Woot woot! This time tomorrow, I will be on my flight to Brazil :)
((hopefully sleeping for most of it, fingers crossed))

The past few days have been a whirl-wind of packing and prepping, but mostly packing and re-packing. Sunday evening, I attempted to start and this is how I left it...

 Last night around 8 my room looked more like this...

and finally by midnight I am almost there... 

Welp - time to get back to packing! Can't wait to share the photos and stories in a few weeks!

Bring on the sunshine, the beaches, adventures, and whatever else may come our way!

Spontaneous spending

Spontaneous spending for me these days seem to be tickets to concerts, plane trips to visit friends, and many road trips for new adventures! My most recent purchase was... 
{drum roll please} 


Are you nuts?! I asked myself this very question just after purchasing it, but then became incredibly excited! I am going with a good friend, Catie, to visit one of our friends from college who is living and working in Rio de Janeiro. Call me crazy, but I think it could be classified as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The trip is in October, so I think it's much too soon to begin a countdown... maybe 20 or so days out it can begin :)

Windy City Surprise

This past weekend I decided to surprise my roommates, Sam and Margaret, for their birthday celebration! Catie & Alyssa were already headed there, but because of previous plans, I wasn't able to go until the very last minute! So I got myself to Cincinnati Friday evening and we trucked it up to Chicago. We got in fairly late, but I didn't let that wouldn't get in the way of my excitement (you see I have this thing for surprises... I'm quite hard to surprise myself, but I love being a part of them)! Catie and Alyssa went ahead of me, said their hellos and then I leaped up the stairs, nearly shaky with anticipation and hollered... actually, Sara got a video of it... it goes a little something like this...

{sorry for the sideways video stuff... couldn't fix it!}

{Friday night after we settled in - we went out downtown to see friends}

{I took full advantage of the fact that my friend Freddie uses his moped to get around}

{Dri, Sara, Me, Sam, Alyssa, Marge, // Abby, Fred, Catie}

{Saturday we perused the city and the lovely patios it has to offer}

{Oh yeah, we stopped at a new bar & signed their very first dollar - hope to see it framed one day}

{Out again - drink specials @Duffy's for Sam & Margaret's 23rd}

 Oh how I love my friends! I can hardly believe I almost missed out on this little reunoin! Each time I see them all, I'm reminded of what amazing people and good friends they are. I've come to discover that there's a special bond you make with your college roommates/friends, something unlike any other friendships I have made or will make... it's something to treasure!


Bonnaroo 2012

My first experience at Bonnaroo was amazing! It's already known I love to travel and experience new things, but a whole a weekend of concerts and camping in Tennessee!? 
AHH. It was so much fun! 

Thursday, Day 1:
We set up camp at about 8 AM, explored a bit, napped for a few hours, then headed in to Centeroo to check out the scene. That day we saw: Soja, Alabama Shakes, Phantogram, & Mimosa

Friday, Day 2:
We hung around the camp for a little and then headed in for some afternoon concerts. That day we saw: Tune-yards, Laura Marling, Little Dragon, The Avett Brothers, and Fitz & The Tantrums

Saturday, Day 3:
Erin and I headed in early to explore some more, stopped a small side bar to dance and danced at the silent disco for awhile. That was quite funny because with the head phones, you understood what people were grooving and singing to, but with out, they looked incredibly silly! We also wandered around Centeroo until the sun rose sunday morning after all of the concerts. I don't think we slept more than a few hours here and there the entire weekend! That day we saw: SBTRKT, The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice Cooper, and Skrillex

Sunday, Day 4:
Tired and hungover from the past few days, we were quite slow at getting up and getting into Centeroo. It was a chill day, mostly sitting in the grass for the concerts, instead of standing and dancing! That day we saw: GROUPLOVE, The Beach Boys (yes I do not lie, they were at Bonnaroo!! I think one of them wasn't there... but hey that's a legit turn out for a group of now 60-something men!), Ben Folds Five, Bon Iver, The Civil Wars, Young the Giant, and The Shins

Travel Plans...

Have you seen the Honda CR-V commercial with the 2 girls who travel to all 50 states 
and take a picture with the state t-shirt on? {check

I feel robbed- I've had that dream since about 6th grade!! Ha, ok ok, so I'm sure many have had the idea- but I am totally jealous they most likely got paid to travel! I've started my research to see if there could be a similar campaign that I could do and be able to travel the US! I've already decided that in about a year and a half, when I turn 25, I would like to pack up and set out on the same journey to all 50 states! Never fear, it will be an artistic exploration (naturally) – logos, t-shirts, sketches, or a few dance moves may get accomplished in each state... details to come :)

For now I have to get started on mapping out my route!

NYC Recap

We had the perfect weather for our New York trip! As soon as we landed, my VS team and I were out and about... first to Times Square and then to a meeting with the New York design team! It was so cool to see the other office and meet everyone on the other end. We were filled in on ideas and inspiration for Holiday 2012. Yep! That's right! I've learned in the working world we plan ahead... far ahead! At Victoria's Secret we follow trends, research trends, and create them! It's amazing to see that side of it! We then set out to window shop for inspiration! 

My favorite spread of windows was the Bergdorf Goodman department store... WOW. They so incredibly detailed and unique! Not only were the windows inspirational, but so was the decor indoors! These are some of my favorite windows...

{Chandelier indoor}

I also got to stay the night and was able to see Rockefeller Plaza all lit up with Christmas decor and the Saks Fifth Avenue windows and light show... AMAZING!

I am so incredibly thankful I got to go on this spontaneous little adventure with my design team!! It was so much fun and I am truly lucky to work with some awesome people.

NYC Bound

I've been to New York City before... But never for work so this trip makes it extra special! Who wouldn't want to traipse around the city for inspiration, meet the NY design team, and feel like a city girl for a day! I'm almost more excited to stay over night and gawk at Rockefeller Plaza at night!!! Pictures to follow! Ciao!

Hipstamatic of Cali

California was a dream! I got in on Friday to the San Francisco airport, my cousin Kc picked me up and we went straight to her class! I haven't been in a classroom since April, and it made me miss school just a little bit! Friday evening we got margaritas to celebrate my birthday and the waiter brought over one too many shots for me — yikes! After, we went to her friends' house for a party! Naturally, people were surprised I was from Ohio and were confused as to why I was visiting Sonoma State for fun!

Saturday, we spent several hours at little cafe called Redwood. The food was delicious and once again we splurged on a little something special... chocolate cake.. to celebrate my birthday (again... I think we just kept telling ourselves it was a weekend for splurging!) We walked around a bit and went to an adorable vintage shop, where we shopped a bit and headed back to her house to get ready to go out! We went to the main bar on campus with her roommate and some friends, it was a lot of fun!!

Sunday was one of my favorite days, because I got to see a lot of San Francisco! It's amazingly beautiful and standing near the Golden Gate bridge is seriously inspiring!!! We walked around Haight Street, which we were told is must see and it was a fun place to shop around. We ate in little Italy at one of San Francisco's bestttt restaurants (I can't currently remember the name). I ate so much, the ride back to Sonoma was very uncomfortable!!

Here's my recap in my new favorite app Hipstamatic

Thank you so so much for your hospitality Kc!!! 
I love you dearly and I can't wait to see you for Christmas!!! <3