Letterpress Inspiration

Melyssa, a college friend visited for the weekend because she had an interview at Victoria's Secret today!! Fingers crossed she gets the job because it would be so great to have another UD grad in the office! The bond coming from a smaller college, with basically an open door policy is unreal and makes reminiscing and sharing stories so much fun. Name dropping is easy and if you don't know who someone is talking about, you definitely know their friend, or a friend of a friend! It keeps you close and creates the most amazing connections (I actually got my job at VS because of an alum's recommendation- and I am so so grateful for that!!!). I could honestly gush about my college experience for days. I do miss it already, but I am lucky to have a little brother just starting his sophomore year! I get to visit whenever I please.

I clearly get side tracked when it comes to talking about dayton... 
Sunday was our little funday to give Melyssa a taste of Columbus and the beautiful Short North. We had literally the 'best happy hour in the short north' at MAC — it was delicious and filling! We stopped in at Funky and Functional down the street on High, which had really unique pieces! Kind thrifty and vintage. I fell in love with an iron bird cage... but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it before we move in October. My other little find were these letterpress letters... I searched all of the large ones for a J, O, or a W... I wanted one of my initials!! I had no luck... but looking at this I'll have to do some more research on ebay and other thrifty little stores for these letters!

These also make me think of one of my favorite professors at UD... John Clarke!!
My type 1&2 teacher — but that's another day... another post!

Columbus Wine Festival

Well, weekend wise, I am a week behind on keeping up with my blog, but hopefully this week I can straighten that out! The Columbus Wine Festival hosted by Giant Eagle was last weekend (August 27th) at the Conservatory! It was a warm and beautiful day, and I was lucky enough to have some wonderful visitors!! Three of my college roommates, and Erin's boyfriend, Mike! We all had so much fun, a little too much wine, but many memorable laughs! These are some of my favorite photos/memories from that weekend!

The Conservatory- Must go back and go inside!

Me, Alyssa, Catie, and Samantha


Reggae Wine tattoos

A little something in our tummies

He was quite the connoisseur 
Erin and Mike

Note to self: BUY!


And it's evening!

Lazy days

Stuffed peppers are easy to make and absolutely delicious! These are stuffed with wild rice, tomato, orange pepper, corn, and beans in a little lemon juice and topped with a little goat cheese!

I am obsessed with wine labels- as these two photos show! One day I'd love to travel around the world and design/redesign labels for vineyards.
I actually designed the one in the front for a graphic design project last year — I  selected the name "Incandescence" for the wine company. It was one of my favorite projects by far!

Work all the time leaves me with very little free time (other than the weekends) but after work I like to relax, and naturally I like my nails painted, and recently I've started to try fun things such as stripes, dots, colored french tips, etc. If you've get any great ideas for me to try, please let me know :)

This was inspired by my friend Catie! She recently got a job as well (a big congrats- I can tell she really loves it!) At her job she deals with a lot of the social media stuff and is always finding awesome new blogs- she found one with newsprint nails! Its super easy- you paint your nails, let it dry, dip you nails in rubbing alcohol, then cut out sections of the paper to adorn your nails as you please and use a q-tip or cotton ball to dab the newsprint on your nails. Presto! Just apply a coat of clear- and you're all set!

Venice at Sunset

One of the greatest shops for jewelry close to Venice Beach — a great find for styles, colors, and variations 

Ciao Ciao

Wishing I had bought one of these little guys :)

If you're not carrying your camera around in Venice... you miss out on a lot!

Missing my week stay in Los Angeles! I hope to return soon!

Happy Birthday

Dollar store decorations, and some creativity make for a perfect foundation
to enjoy a fancy birthday bash at home!

Birthday Girl, my lovely cousin Meghan

Meg & I

I visited my cousin in January for my Christmas break, senior year. It was an amazing time and I am in love with California, my heart knows that I will one day live out near the beaches of San Diego with some of the most colorful sunsets I have ever witnessed! Thank you Meg, for a wonderful visit! I'm glad we could celebrate your 23rd together! Much love Xo